Frontdesk Flex

Flexible Living Platform for Apartment Communities.

At Frontdesk, we’re introducing new products and services to help the industry adapt and flourish in the new world of flexible living. We want to help not only improve your NOI (Net Operating Income) but your communities, too. 

What is a Flexible Living Community?

Flexible Living Communities allow people to live, work, play and travel in a way that is as flexible as their ever-changing lifestyles. Young professionals are chasing opportunities and experiences, wherever in the world their life takes them. Now, more than ever, they are not tied to a cubicle and are free to work from anywhere. Offering flexible lease terms and home-sharing abilities not only provide them with confidence, but also affordability. Meanwhile, non-resident traveling professionals will see these communities as a safe-haven for them while on the road, enjoying all the comforts that they are already accustomed to back at home.

The right technology can enable the Flexible Living Communities of the future to thrive. By providing proper automated safety and security features like instant verification and criminal screening, automated digital door locks, and 24/7 noise monitoring, both short-term guests and long-term residents can rest easy and assured that their safety is top priority. 

Solutions For Everyone.

Frontdesk Flex is a Flexible Living Platform designed with all of the tools and support you need to smoothly enter the home-sharing economy, generate revenue, increase NOI, and create more options for residents without lease violations.

Owners & Operators

Take short-term rental management to the next level by using our all-in-one Flexible Living Platform. 

  • Generate Revenue and increase NOI
  • Control and Visibility 
  • Safety and Security


Provide Residents an option to earn supplemental income by sharing their home while on vacation or traveling for work.

  • Supplemental Income
  • Control and Visibility 
  • Safety and Security


Guests get to stay in an awesome neighborhood and enjoy all the comfortable amenities of home, while away. 

  • Quality Accommodations 
  • Home-Like Amenities  
  • Safety and Security


Criminal Background Screening

Identity Verification

Secure Building Access

Guest Risk Scoring

Certified Staff

Partner Portal

Insurance Protection

Resident Discounts

24/7 Compliance Enforcement

24/7 Active Noise Monitoring

24/7 Boots on the Ground

Start Earning with your Vacant units

Frontdesk has the tools, partners, & services you need to thrive in the short-term rental market by turning your vacant units into revenue. You provide the units, Frontdesk handles the rest. From furnishing, managing the booking calendar, listing, and cleaning, to criminal background checks, ID verification, and noise monitoring – we offer the same 12-point safety and security standards to all Frontdesk-managed communities so you can feel confident in knowing we have you covered.

What makes frontdesk different?

Frontdesk outperforms Professional Hosts by 15% and a VC-backed competitor by 18%, monthly.

*Average of 7 properties that were shared with our largest VC-backed competitor from 1/1/2019 – 3/31/2020 in Charlotte NC, Columbus OH, Dallas TX, and Indianapolis IN

**Average from top 75th percentile top earning hosts on Airbnb in the same four cities (Charlotte NC, Columbus OH, Dallas TX, Indianapolis IN)

Help Us, Help you.

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Interested in Frontdesk Flex?

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