Active Noise Monitoring and Enforcement

Frontdesk believes in a peaceful experience for not only our guests, but our neighbors as well. We have partnered with the best-in-class noise sensor technology services. This brings peace of mind not only to us at Frontdesk, but also to our partners. We are able to tell that our guests are not breaking our house rules by hosting parties or making excessive noise during quiet hours.

What is Active Noise Monitoring and Enforcement?

Utilizing revolutionary noise sensors and software, we are able to monitor the level of noise inside every one of our 500+ apartments at every hour. If noise levels are high enough to break our decibel thresholds, we communicate with the offending guest to be respectful and quiet, especially at night.

Our current partners are Minut Smart Home Monitoring and NoiseAware.

Why is Noise Monitoring and Enforcement Important?

Frontdesk cares about the experience our neighbors have with our guests. If our guest is disruptive and does not adhere to quiet hours as listed in our house rules, they are asked to leave our suite by our Trust and Safety specialists. If a guest breaks our house rules by hosting a party in our suite, we call on our local security partners to peacefully request the guest halt this behavior and/or leave the suite.