6 Travel Podcasts to Fill Your Day

Many people are working from home for the time being, and many travel plans are on hold. Even though you are likely stuck inside right now, that doesn’t mean the daydreaming and wanderlust have stopped. If you need something to fill your day, try listening to a podcast – specifically, a travel one! The great thing about podcasts is that they can be listened to while you work or from your couch. Here are a few we recommend.

Extra Pack of Peanuts (EPOP) is a podcast hosted by a husband-and-wife team Trav and Heather: one is frugal-minded and the other appreciates the finer things in life. The podcast teaches you not just where to travel, but how to travel, in a way that is smarter and more cost-effective. The podcast has guest interviews with top-name travelers and offers travel advice, such as how to pack like a pro or use frequent flyer miles.

Many EPOP episodes highlight specific destinations with recommendations of where to eat and visit in those cities. Some episodes are lists, like the top 10 ice cream shops in the world or the top 25 breweries. Episodes are released weekly on Tuesdays and can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Travel with Rick Steves is the podcast version of his radio show by the same name. The host, Rick Steves, is a travel guru, writer, and PBS television personality. He is considered an expert on Europe, but the podcast covers destinations in the USA and all over the world. Rick Steves is adamant about exposing people to the unknown, particularly to other cultures and different ways of life.

Travel with Rick Steves features guest callers and expert speakers each week. The educational podcast often covers topics like historical events or cultural practices in different locations. Episodes are released weekly on Fridays and can be found on all major podcast apps. 

If you love exploring the outdoors – and adrenaline rushes – this podcast is for you. Boldly Went is a weekly podcast hosted by accomplished adventurer Angel Mathis. The podcast features recordings of brief and true adventure stories told in front of live audiences at the Boldly Went live shows. The stories on the podcast are told by outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds, from world record holders to pro-athletes.

You’ll hear about scuba diving, climbing volcanoes, mountaineering, and much more. Some stories are inspiring, some feature frightening mishaps, and some are funny – but they will all make you itch for the outdoors. Episodes are released weekly on Mondays and can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and RadioPubic.

How Not to Travel is a podcast hosted by Kiona, who also has a popular travel blog and Instagram account. Hawaii-native, Kiona, saw a need in the travel blogging and podcasting world for perspectives other than those of rich, white women. Her podcast aims to talk about important issues and ensure that traditionally marginalized voices are heard. 

Some of the topics covered so far have been travel sustainability, safety, and what it really means to do something “like a local.” Overall, you’ll learn how to travel more conscientiously. Episodes are released about twice a month, usually on a Wednesday, and can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and most major podcast apps.

Travel Genius is a podcast by Bloomberg, hosted by Nikki Ekstein and Mark Ellwood. This podcast is about hacks and finding smarter ways to travel. The show brings on experienced traveler guests and asks them about their best traveling tips in a competitive, quiz-style fashion. They ring a bell when a tip is deemed “genius” and tally up which guest has the most points at the end of each episode.

You’ll learn about what you should never pack, how to “hack” traveling alone, how to look fresh after a long flight, and more. Because the show is competitive, many tips are likely to be ones you’ve never heard of before! Episodes are typically released weekly on Wednesdays and can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and anywhere you get podcasts.