Our 20th City!

Hello again, world!

Back in March, our company Frontdesk came out of stealth mode to announce a new brand and to highlight our six U.S. city markets. Now, just eight months later, we are proud to announce the launch of our 20th U.S. city market! 

At Frontdesk, we believe that travelers shouldn’t have to choose between a professional host and a desirable location; we believe you should STAY WHERE YOU WANT.™ 

Our commitment to providing a high variety of locations extends beyond just expanding into more cities. Frontdesk boasts the highest variety of locations within a city as well. We now manage a network of 450 suites across 120 unique apartment communities in the country, meaning that we offer more choices than almost every other urban vacation rental hosts in the United States.

Example: Frontdesk’s available buildings (gold) in the Charlotte, NC area compared to a competitor (red).

Over the past 8 months, our company has achieved 3x city growth, 3x completed reservation growth, and 2x multifamily partner growth. This is all in addition to launching our in-house custom Property Management System, Direct Booking Experience, Multifamily Partner Online Portal, and other additions to our “Frontdesk Operating System” to enhance our guest and multifamily partner experiences. 

We are incredibly proud of our team for this level of growth and achievement. It takes a group of driven, autonomous, and capable individuals to make our operations run smoothly. Join us in celebrating 20 cities by using promo code 20CITYBASH at check-out for 20% off! 


Kyle and Jesse

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