City Manager Interview: Louisville

In every Frontdesk destination, there is a Frontdesk City Manager. The City Manager is responsible for all operations happening in that city, including on-site staff and providing top customer service to guests. The people who carry-out these roles are locals to the area and love their city!

Meet Charlsey, our Louisville City Manager. Being the Kentucky native that she is, she can’t rave enough about this destination! She took the time to explain a little about herself and her position at Frontdesk, along with Louisville and what you can expect when visiting!

Q1: What do you like most about living in Louisville?

I love everything about it. There’s such a variety of people, food, activities, cultures, and communities – anyone can find their people here. It’s Southern, but also distinctly not. And it’s a city with a lot of history. I love the mixture of architecture and the juxtaposition of it all.

Q2: If you aren't originally from the area, what made you move here?

We’re originally from about an hour south of Louisville and we moved here for the culture. Restaurants, shopping, sports, theater, concerts, stuff that is considerably harder to find in a town of 5,000 people. And of course, along with all of that, the job market is much richer here.

Charlsey CM

Q3: Tell me about your role at Frontdesk and what you like most about working with us.

I’m the Louisville City Manager and I try to keep our ship sailing smoothly, leading our team of local professional cleaners, keeping track of inventory and maintenance in all our apartments, assisting guests, and making improvements to ensure customer satisfaction! My favorite thing about working for FrontDesk is the company culture. Everyone I’ve interacted with is so genuine and cool. Everyone is open to sharing ideas, cheering each other on, and offering support in any way they can. I don’t know how they’ve managed to attract such great people, but I hope they keep it up! .

Q4: What can a visitor expect when staying in one of Frontdesk's short-term rental suites?

They can expect a peaceful, relaxing stay in a well-appointed apartment home, and round the clock customer service, who will go above and beyond!

Q5: What is your favorite restaurant in Louisville, and what is your favorite meal to get there?

What’s the expression – you might as well ask me to pick a favorite child! As a major foodie, this is too hard for me to answer. We go out to eat more often than we should, and there are still literally hundreds of places in Louisville we haven’t tried yet!

Q6: What is your favorite bar in Louisville and why?

The Troll Pub is my favorite bar in Louisville; it’s fun, unique, right on Whiskey Row, with great drinks, excellent food, and all the little creepy basement nooks and crannies you could want!

Q7: What is a must-see attraction when visiting this destination?

You have to visit Churchill Downs. It’s just so impressive to see the athletic ability of those amazing thoroughbreds, up close. The history puts it all in perspective, and it’s also fun to get a sneak peek into what all the millionaires and celebrities get to do for Derby every year!


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