Top Coworking Spaces

Let’s face it – the days of working in a cubicle are (thankfully) nearing an end. More employees are opting to work from their home offices or are being given the opportunity to travel for work. While this may be a welcome change for some, others may miss the chance to socialize with their peers in the office on a daily basis. Enter the coworking space!

What is a coworking space, you might ask? Coworking spaces offer a refreshing break from your typical 9-5. Imagine a space filled with people networking with their peers, brainstorming their next ventures, or simply enjoying a professional working environment. No matter what their background, it’s likely all of these patrons are there for the same purpose – to get things done.

While there are plenty of great coworking spaces out there, we’ve put together a few of our favorites that you can utilize during your stay with Frontdesk!

Hudson Business + Lounge

Milwaukee: Hudson Business + Lounge

Located in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward, the Hudson Business Lounge is an excellent option if you’re looking for a unique and modern coworking space. Enjoy working in the Hudson’s loft-style common spaces or host a meeting in one of its larger conference rooms. Additionally, they have solo spaces available if you prefer to work alone in a quiet, private office. In short, the Hudson really has the needs of its members in mind. In addition to providing basic amenities, such as free printing and wifi, this space also hosts an amazing cafe and lounge where you can get a hot cup of coffee, grab a bite to eat, or even enjoy a cold brew after a long day at the office.

But wait – you don’t have to be a member to take advantage of this great co-working space! The Hudson offers a fantastic day pass option for anyone looking to get some work done, making this a great option for locals and travelers alike.

WeWork - Charlotte, NC

Charlotte: WeWork

Next up on our list is a coworking space that puts the “c” in convenience. With three locations in Charlotte, as well as across the United States and internationally, WeWork is what you could call a chain coworking space. While there are several smaller, unique coworking spaces in Charlotte, there’s something to be said for the convenience of being able to utilize your membership and find a beautiful coworking space no matter where you go. In addition to convenience, WeWork prides themselves on next level community focus, cultivating positive relationships between their members through networking events, social gatherings, wellness events, and more. 

If you aren’t sold on WeWork by way of convenience and community alone, their mission to bring the world together through their global outreach may just do the trick. They are actively working to make the world a better place through projects like their Refugee Initiative, Veterans in Residence Program, and Creators Awards that can be earned by members with a product or an idea that could change the world for the better. 


Dallas: GoodWork

Located 10 minutes or less from any one of our properties in Dallas, GoodWork is a slightly different kind of coworking space compared to the rest featured on our list. They still offer all of your typical amenities, but it’s their mission that really caught our eye.

GoodWork genuinely cares about its community, so much so that they’ve made the wellness of their members a priority. Their building is newly renovated and is considered a green building, meaning that it is not only built with better, cleaner materials, it also has just the right amount of sunlight and clean air which can increase your mental well being and productivity. Additionally, everything is solar powered, so they aren’t just taking care of you, they’re also taking care of the environment. How cool is that?

By now you’re probably thinking, “Membership somewhere this great must cost an arm and a leg.” It’s your lucky day. GoodWork took their good work a step further by offering a range of fair prices for everyone. What a day to be alive!


Indianapolis: Industrious

Industrious offers a space for people who mean business. Like WeWork, they offer locations all across the country, including several of our Frontdesk city destinations! While on the topic of convenience, Industrious Indy is located right on Mass Ave which means you’ll find yourself in the hub of activity and within walking distance to incredible restaurants and bars downtown.

While membership at Industrious is slightly pricier than others that made our list, the abundance of amenities offered makes up for the price difference. Like most coworking spaces, Industrious offers several basic amenities for its members such as unlimited printing, wifi, and hot coffee to get you through the work day. In order to go the extra mile for their members, they also offer additional spaces such as wellness and mothers’ rooms to make sure you’re at your best – always. All in all, Industrious was built with it’s member’s best interests in mind!


St.Louis: Covo

Covo is a beautiful, all-encompassing space for you to accomplish your goals. Their tasteful decor and beautiful facilities are what caught our eye, and their fair membership prices are what caused us to stick around! Like many coworking spaces, they offer 24/7 access for their members, as well as secure internet, community classes, spacious office space for you and your team to collaborate, and more.

In addition to all of the typical amenities you’d expect in a shared office space, Covo offers some fun little perks for its members such as a loyalty program, napping rooms, and of course, the Trust Cocktail Bar. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the end of a long day, or meet with clients in an impressive space. The options are truly limitless.