Best Neighborhoods: Kansas City

Kansas City offers unique adventures for all visitors. Each neighborhood presents character and individuality through different dining, adventure, and entertainment experiences.

No matter the destination, planning a trip is never necessarily easy. There are many decisions to make, especially at the beginning! For example, what is the best neighborhood to stay in? Are you into shopping, looking for unique drinks, or are you traveling for business? The best neighborhood to stay in Kansas City depends on who you are and what you’re hoping to take away from your trip. We’ve outlined Kansas City neighborhoods, hoping to make your life a little easier.

Crossroads Neighborhood

Crossroads Neighborhood in Kansas City Missouri
This section of Kansas City is packed with creative energy. There are happening art galleries that were once old warehouses, hip coffee bars and brewpubs, and retro-styled bars. There are independent boutiques that sell a wide range of items, from handcrafted jewellery to quirky stationery.

Out on the Town

Located on 1526 Walnut St, the Tannin Wine Bar + Kitchen is a great spot for date night or an evening with friends. The extensive wine list is suited well for every type of wine drinker. Whether you’re an avid wine drinker or looking to taste something new, there is a flavor for everyone wanting to taste, have a glass, or share a bottle. They also offer a separate lunch and dinner menu that includes shareables to large plates.

Family Fun

The Kauffman Center of Performing Arts is located on 1601 Broadway Blvd. This not-for-profit center is home to the local Kansas City Ballet, Lyric Opera, Kansas City Symphony, and other innovative programs. The Kauffman Center of Performing Arts provides a wide range of art experiences from music, opera, theater, and dance. It was opened by Moshe Safdie in 2011 and has been honored as one of the World’s 15 Most Beautiful Concert Halls.

Where to Work

Thou Mayest is here to “get you buzzed” while traveling for business. Located on 519 E 18th St, this a great space to get work done on your own or meet with colleagues to collaborate. Thou Mayest translates to “the way is open” ; this idea is delivered in the ambiance and service of the cafe.

River Market Neighborhood