Pack Like a Business Pro

The travel industry is constantly evolving, leading to new tips, tricks, and hacks for how to be the most prepared traveler. Traveling for business can especially be tricky at times. Many have developed their own system over the years, but with the ever-changing industry, does anyone really know the best way to travel? Read more on what we have found through experience to be key factors in packing like a business pro.

Find a Carry-On You Love

For many, checking a bag can be one of the most stressful things about traveling. From waiting in line to have your bag weighed, to the concern that the airport may lose the luggage, the burden of checking a bag can mentally and physically way you down. Using a carry on will help ease your mind as you head to your destination knowing that everything you need is in the bin right above you.

Don’t just settle on any carry-on. If shopping online, take the time to read consumer reviews. Experiences shared by your peers is a tool that provides a good idea of usage for the product. When in-store, take a look at the inside of the bag to see if it’s organized to your liking and for functionality. Keep the following questions in mind: Does it have 4 wheels for easy steering? Does it have multiple dividers inside to keep your belongings organized? Is it a newer model that includes charger ports?

Plan Before Packing

It might sound strange to plan to pack, but this can come in handy later. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and write out everything you’re going to wear and need on this trip. If you’re going to be gone for five days, write out exactly what you’re going to wear each day. Not only does this strategy make sure you don’t forget anything, it also makes your decision making process easier each morning while you’re away.

Another part of the planning process is doing some research on the place you will be staying at. For example, does your hotel provide laundry service? Once you have a list of everything you need then you can decide what luggage you’ll need and which items go where.

The Perfect Backpack

Business travelers are constantly on the go. Over the course of one day, you might be going through the airport in your home city, the airport at final destination, picking up a rental car, driving to a hotel, and then bouncing from office to office for meetings. A great backpack allows you to keep everything you need secure and in one place. Not all backpacks are created equal. Find something that is durable, has the amount of space you need and feels comfortable on your shoulders.

Purchase a Water Bottle

Now that you have a nice new backpack, one of the things you should always have with you is a reusable water bottle. Every airport has water fountains and having a reusable water bottle prevents you from standing in line for 15 minutes for a single-use plastic water bottle. It is also likely that your reusable water bottle will be larger than a single-use one. Not to mention, you will be doing your part in a bigger movement on decreasing plastic use.

Portable Clothes Steamer

Steaming your clothes can be much easier than ironing them. You can find many portable steamers online; most cost less than $50 and can fit easily in your backpack or carry on. All you have to do is fill it up with water, plug it in, and your clothes will be wrinkle free in no time.

This is an especially important item to pack if you’re someone that wears their business clothes on the airplane.

Evaluate and Adjust to Find What Works for You

The most successful business travelers are those that have been traveling for years and have developed their own process based on previous experiences. The best way to figure out what works for you is by always overpreparing – especially at first. Based on your experiences there will certainly be adjustments you want to make to your process. As time goes on packing for your business trips will just get easier and easier. You’ll be packing like a pro in no time.

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