Top 10 Restaurants in Charlotte

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When it comes to great restaurants, you will always be just a stone’s throw away in Charlotte, NC. The Queen City is home to so many great restaurants spanning across all different cuisines. It’s almost impossible to narrow it down to 10.
Fig Tree

The Fig Tree

One of the toughest things about trendy restaurants, or top restaurants is they often offer a very unique menu. These menus, while perfect for foodies, may make it difficult for picky eaters to enjoy the five-star cuisine. The Fig Tree is the best of both worlds. It offers unique dishes such as their famous elk chop. However, they also feature staples like Filet Mignon and salmon.


Kindred Restaurant

Kindred is one of the most popular restaurants in the Charlotte area. Reservations are hard to come by and the bar area is always packed. They have an incredibly diverse menu such as squid ink conchigle, waygu beef tartare and little gem lettuces. This place is so good that Southern Living called it the best restaurant in Charlotte.

Kindred’s food is great, but its atmosphere is just as good. The building features exposed brick and is located in the old town pharmacy. It’s the perfect place for a great dinner and a nice wine.



If you only had one sentence to describe Barrington’s it would be: Chef Jason Newman does an incredible job of giving a fresh spin on some of your favorite classic dishes. If you go to Barrington’s you can get anything from scallops, chicken, beef tenderloin or something as unique as Benton’s bacon-wrapped quail.


The Asbury

The Asbury is named after Louis Asbury Sr, an architect that designed the Dunhill Hotel way back in 1929. The restaurant is known as a modern southern restaurant that honors the past, celebrates each season and is always looking forward. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner daily and also feature a weekend brunch menu.

If you love unique menus then The Asbury is for you. Their dinner menu features a NC beef blackboard, pan-roasted grouper, or a chicken sandwich with caramelized onions, thyme aioli, country ham, cheddar bread and butter pickles. 



Chef Jonathan Moore creates a true seasonal dining experience by using flavors from the earth. Halycon is a farm-to-table dining experience that celebrates artisanal farms, fairies, and wineries from the Carolinas. They are open for lunch and dinner six days per week (closed on Mondays) and also feature a weekend brunch menu. The brunch menu features some items you won’t see on many other menus such as petite ribeye eggs benedict. If you’re not feeling up to breakfast food, you won’t be disappointed with the pork belly BLT.

Waterman Fish Bar

The Waterman

The Waterman is a relatively new oyster bar in Charlotte’s South End. If you love seafood then this place is for you. Their menu features favorites like lobster rolls, fried shrimp, crawdaddy dippers and a variety of awesome dipping sauce. It can be hard to find a great lobster roll south of Connecticut, but once you get to The Waterman you’ll quickly find out it is indeed possible.

Hello Sailor

Hello, Sailor

Hello, Sailor is a fish fry restaurant with a modern dining room with great views of the lake. It’s actually owned by the same couple that owns the Kindred Restaurant mentioned earlier in the post. The restaurant may be known for its fish fry, but they have other Carolina classics like shrimp calabash, BBQ and burgers. Like most trendy restaurants, for a true look at the full experience check out Hello, Sailor’s Instagram page. You won’t be disappointed.

Fin and Fino

Fin & Fino

Fin & Fino is known as Charlotte’s social seafood house. It’s also an oyster bar that has at least 12 different types of oysters at all times. All of their fish is sustainably caught or raised and the menu features seasonal ingredients from local farms. Sure, they care about their food, but Fin & Fino knows in order to be successful they need to focus on the people. According to their website Fin & Fino prides itself on learning their customer’s names.

Queen and Glass

The Queen & Glass

The Queen & Glass looks like a speakeasy and offers tasty cocktails along with all sorts of different small plates. The craft cocktails and tapas restaurant is right in the heart of Charlotte and like others on the list, they boast the quality of their ingredients and their atmosphere.

The menu has something for everyone regardless of their appetite or craving. They have a summer salad with grilled watermelon, peach, and citrus. If you’re looking for something heavier you can opt for the seared beef tenderloin or the crispy duck breast.

Red House Cafe

The Red House Cafe

The Red House Cafe might not be a name that you’d associate with Italian cuisine, but it’s certainly the go-to Italian spot in Charlotte. At Red House Cafe you’ll get huge portions of spaghetti and meatballs, chicken parmesan and lasagna. Each dish is served with fresh Italian bread and a side salad.

The restaurant’s owners Jimi Zuk and Joani Schulman are from New Jersey and take their craft very seriously. Whether you’re in the mood for spaghetti and meatballs, a massive slice of cheesecake, or both, The Red House Cafe is the perfect spot.

Charlotte Leaves No Taste Bud Hungry

This list is just a fraction of the great restaurants in Charlotte. No matter what cuisine you are in the mood for Charlotte has a restaurant that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. After checking out all of the great restaurants, you’d be hardpressed to argue why Charlotte is expanding at such a rapid rate.

If you’re currently planning a trip to Charlotte, consider staying in one of our many listings across The Queen City. We promise you’ll never be more than a stone’s throw away from a great place to eat.