July 30, 2019

A Day on the San Antonio River Walk

People come from all over the world to stroll the famous San Antonio River Walk. The 15-mile loop is located just below street level and flows off of the San Antonio River. Visitors come to see the sights that the River Walk has to offer; but there is more to do than just look around. The free attraction also offers a great deal of places to grab a bite to eat, drink, shop, and much more. There’s a reason why almost 13 million people visit the urban waterway each year.

The Visionary Behind the River Walk

The River Walk was designed to mirror the vision that R. H. H. Hugman had for San Antonio. The city decided to honor Hugman’s vision by placing historical plaques along the River Walk, that present informative facts and pictures for visitors to learn from. The tour is available as a self-tour, audio tour, and a walking tour.

Take a River Walk Barge Tour

The easiest and most relaxing way to tour the San Antonio River Walk is by boat. The barge travels along a 2.5-mile route and allows visitors to see sights such as the stature of St. Anthony of Padua, the Alamo, the second tallest free-standing tower in the United States, and one of the most famous courthouses in Texas.

The barge tour also offers an additional 1.3 miles that takes you through the Museum Reach. There is a boat landing at the San Antonio Museum of Art where tourists can get out and see breathtaking views, including the Grotto, created by San Antonio artist Carlos Cortes.

A Day on the San Antonio River Walk
A Day on the San Antonio River Walk

Eat Dinner at the Casa Rio

San Antonio certainly has its share of authentic Mexican food. Casa Rio has been serving up traditional dishes since 1946. It’s located right off of the river and offers both inside and colorful outside seating.

Stop and Listen to a Mariachi Band

The loop is packed with mariachi music and you don’t have to look hard to find a group playing. Just follow your ears! Many people will stop along the way to enjoy the music as they explore the River Walk or will keep on traveling and will let the musicians provide the theme music for their trip.

Catch a Show at Aztec on the River

The Travel Channel claims Aztec on the River is the second-most popular attraction in Texas, right behind The Alamo. It was originally built in 1926 and is known as one of the more lavish motion picture palaces in the United States.

Leave a Lock on the Love Lock Bridge

The idea for a love lock bridge was started in Paris. A few American cities have adopted the idea. San Antonio River Walk tourists often write little messages on the lock and then attach the lock to the fence outside of the Bexar County Courthouse Wedding Chapel.

Unwind at the Mokara Spa

The Mokara Spa is another popular suggestion and is located inside the Mokara San Antonio hotel, right on the River Walk. The spa is vast and is home to a wide range of whirlpools, steam rooms, and saunas. Also, you can sit poolside and take in incredible rooftop view of San Antonio.

Shopping at the Rivercenter Mall

The Rivercenter Mall is yet another grand structure along the San Antonio Riverwalk. The mall connects directly to the river, so close that it gives off the impression that you could swim right up to the fun. The mall offers four levels of shopping that host over 100 stores. It also features six restaurants and two movie theaters. You can spend all day in the Rivercenter Mall and still not see all that it has to offer. 

Take Your Time and Enjoy San Antonio

San Antonio is a tourists’ dream and the San Antonio River Walk is an absolute must-see during your visit. The River Walk has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for authentic Mexican food, a great place to shop, a museum filled with history, or a little bit of everything.

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