Top 7 Hiking Trails in Indianapolis

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Indianapolis, often called “Indy” for short, is both the capital and the most populous city in Indiana. While the “Crossroads of America” is most known for its sports and racetracks, Indianapolis is also the perfect getaway for nature lovers. If you’re looking for the best places to hike in Indy, here are a few spots to try. Grab your shoes and get ready to hit the trails!

1. Harrison Trace, Fort Harrison State Park

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.2 miles
Trail Map

This asphalt-surface trail is located in Fort Harrison State Park, about 20 minutes to the northeast of downtown Indianapolis. Perfect for a family-friendly walk or beginners hike, this trail features wildflowers in the warmer months and passes by both Delaware Lake and Duck Pond.

2. Lawrence Creek Trail, Fort Harrison State Park

Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
Length: 4.2 miles
Trail Map

Lawrence Creek Trail is another path located in Fort Harrison State Park. This more difficult hike will take you winding through upland woods and ravines. Enjoy the beautiful wildflowers in the spring or the multicolored leaves in the fall.

3. South Overlook Waterfowl – Blue Trail, Eagle Creek Park

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3 miles
Trail Map

This beautiful trail is located in Eagle Creek Park, about 15-20 minutes to the northwest of downtown Indy. The trail loops around a lake and passes through the bird sanctuary, so you will see plenty of wildlife.

4. Fowl Sanctuary South Overlook – Red Trail, Eagle Creek Park

Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 6.75 miles
Trail Map

For a more advanced hike in Eagle Creek Park, give this trail a try. The Red Trail encompasses the Blue Trail, which loops around the lake, and then adds another few miles of peaceful scenery.

5. Sodalis Nature Park Trails

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.3 miles
Trail Map

This trail, located in Sodalis Nature Park about 20 minutes southwest of downtown, provides a nice mix of gravel, grass, and wooded paths. This easy trail is family-friendly and features a lake, which you can also fish in.

6. Monon Rail Trail

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 26 miles total (customizable)
Trail Map

The long, flat Monon Rail Trail stretches from downtown Indianapolis and runs north up to Sheridan, connecting to many other trails along the way. You can get onto the Monon Rail Trail at several different spots to customize the length to your liking. While also popular with bikers, it is perfect for marathon trainers or long-distance hikers.

7. Three Lakes Trail, Morgan-Monroe State Forest

Difficulty: Hard
Length: 26 miles total (customizable)
Trail Map

Advanced hikers won’t want to miss this trail, located about an hour south of downtown Indy in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest. The rugged trail connects Cherry, Beanblossom, and Bryants Creek Lakes. It also features beautiful woods and wildlife.

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