City Spotlight: Columbus

Why visit Columbus, Ohio?

  • The cultural hub of brewpubs, cocktails, and diverse restaurants
  • Art culture, indoors and out
  • The mix of historic charm and modern amenities
  • Architectural views of interest to all
  • Dining experiences for all palates

Frontdesk welcomes you to Columbus! It’s home to diverse foods, local shopping, and a vast art scene. Located in central Ohio, it hosts aged and diverse homes with modern shopping, restaurants, and bars. The city is known for its vast park system, but also for the art experiences provided by local and traveling artists.

Columbus Vacations

This Midwest town provides entertainment to all ages. Columbus is home to a variety of parks, museums, and zoos. Along with sightseeing, visitors also have the chance to dine at hip restaurants and bars with views of art and culture.

Columbus Business Trips

 Traveling for business may not sound like the most enjoyable trip, but Columbus allows all visitors, whether coming for work or for play, to feel that they have had an exciting stay.

Columbus Neighborhoods


When talking about a “downtown,” there’s the idea that it’s only for those who are interested in a fast-paced and a lively nightlife. Downtown Columbus provides that, but it is also the city’s home to central businesses and entertainment. Don’t forget the riverside Scioto Mile that leads to the Bicentennial Park.


Central Ohio’s first settlement location, now the center for the city’s maker culture and independent art scene. Late night events in industrial spaces, and casual dining experiences.

German Village

South of Downtown, this may be the most atmospheric neighborhood in the Midwest. Built by German settlers in the 1800’s, this part of Columbus is full of historic charm. The restored brick homes also offer modern amenities.

Short North

Just north of Downtown, Short North features art galleries, local boutiques, and hip restaurants and bars. This district is the hub of the local art scene, featuring shopping experiences and high-end Italian dining or Thai food experiences.

Olde Town East

This neighborhood has over 1,000 homes, with some as old as the 1830’s. There are more than 50 architectural styles including Italianate, Queen Anne, and Victorian. You can find Olde Town East, just ‘east’ of Downtown.

Visiting COLUMBUS?